Team Vital Peak Marketing Group has been regularly volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House since October. We get to serve food to children and families who are not having a good time at the moment. We try and bring positivity and joy into these people’s lives. For Christmas, we are hosting an internal toy and food drive that we will then donate when we volunteer next at the Ronald McDonald house.

When we support worthy causes like the Ronald McDonald House, something amazing happens to the Vital Peak Marketing Group office atmosphere. We’re not just a workplace anymore; we’re a force for positive change, and this knowledge adds a depth of meaning to our interactive marketing campaigns.
Knowing that we’re working together to make a difference in the lives of people who could use a hand up inspires us to think of one another as more than colleagues as well; we’re also partners in making the world a little brighter for sick children and their families.

All of this adds a sense of purpose to our work that we find motivating. Giving back gives us a sense of resolve; there’s more at stake to what we do than a paycheck. While shouldering this much responsibility is certainly an effort, the grateful smiles of families at the Ronald McDonald House are more than enough compensation.

Our careers are satisfying because we’re making a difference. See what causes we support next by liking Vital Peak Marketing Group on Facebook.