Although we don’t rest on our laurels around the Vital Peak Marketing Group office, we do enjoy reflecting on our team wins at the end of the year. That’s exactly what’s going on right now as we celebrate the holidays and think about all the things that went well in 2019. Along the way, we’re getting more inspired to make 2020 bigger, better, and even more amazing.

Our growth goals for 2019 were pretty major, but that didn’t stop us from zooming past them. We expanded our team and our voice in the in-person marketing world over the past 12 months. Sarah Theimer, our firm’s Owner, explained that we’re planning to add to our portfolio of innovative brands in 2020 and keep the momentum going.

We had lots of promotions to celebrate this year as well. Clear advancement pathways have always been a big part of the Vital Peak Marketing Group culture, so these came as no surprise. We’re sure it won’t be long before we’re honoring our first promoted colleague of 2020.

Giving back has also been a common theme of the past year. This is another area in which we’d like to grow even more in the year to come. We plan to build up our social impact résumé quite a bit over the next few months.

We’re excited to keep aiming high in 2020. For updates on everything we’re working on, be sure to follow Vital Peak Marketing Group on LinkedIn.