Vital Peak Marketing Group is growing, which means we’ll be inviting several new team members to join our firm soon. We know how imposing the interview process can seem, especially for those just starting their career journeys, so we wanted to share a few tips that will help make the initial meetings more relaxed.

“There are some basic actions all applicants should take to let a hiring manager know that they’re serious about the role,” shared Sarah, President of Vital Peak Marketing Group. “Candidates should do research on the company and come prepared to talk about the specifics of their résumés. These two steps alone will increase a person’s confidence and help ensure a more memorable interview.”

As for what she looks for in a candidate, Sarah stated that a positive attitude is a must, along with an eagerness to learn. Applicants should also find ways to demonstrate their work ethic. Stories about previous projects (either in the workplace or while at school), a clearly defined five-year plan, or even awards won from sports competitions all provide evidence that someone is willing to put in the effort required to achieve his or her goals.

Our interview process is composed of three rounds. This is not only for our benefit, but it works for our applicants as well. This way, we only on-board those who are certain to thrive in our culture and make the most of our career opportunities.

We enjoy meeting new people and want our interviews to be mutually enjoyable two-way conversations. Learn more about our team, our culture, and our openings by liking Vital Peak Marketing Group on Facebook.