We’re all about motivation around the Vital Peak Marketing Group office. Recently, we discussed practices to save time and get more done. Several great tips emerged that, while seemingly small, can make a big difference in our productivity. Here are three that are quite easy to implement:

• Get a REAL Alarm Clock: During this Vital Peak Marketing Group brainstorming session, one of our colleagues pointed out that most people use their phones for alarm clocks. This practice can be detrimental to productivity because it’s easy to spend more time in bed scrolling through social media and apps. With a real alarm clock positioned at the other end of the room, this distraction is eliminated.

• Write To-Do Lists the Night Before: Another practice we’re incorporating into our daily routines is to create our task list for the next day as we’re wrapping up work the night before. This helps us as what we need to do is still fresh in our minds.

• Track Progress: As part of our Vital Peak Marketing Group practices, we rely on measurable results as key indicators that we’re on target. We’ve expanded tracking our progress to other life goals as well as our business objectives. For example, we might keep logs of gym workouts to remind us of how far we’ve come and motivate us to keep going.

These are simple practices, but they’ve given us extra time each day. Like us on [Facebook] to share your favorite productivity hacks.