Travel is one of the best Vital Peak Marketing Group perks that we offer, and we finished our 2018 trip schedule on a high note with our annual holiday party in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Not only was this an elegant affair, but several other high-performing offices from around the country joined us, making the event an excellent networking opportunity as well.

To start the year on the right foot, hand-selected team members will travel to Dallas, Texas, for a national leadership conference in January. This is a prestigious weekend with top producers from around the country sharing best practices from their unique markets. There are also breakout sessions that provide chances for attendees to get to know one another on a personal level.

Not all our Vital Peak Marketing Group trips are so formal though. One of our favorite winter-month excursions takes us to Bear Mountain for skiing. And this is just the beginning; there will be other travel opportunities announced as the year goes by.

While all our trips are fun, and most are educational, the advantage we gain from all our travels is a stronger team. When we visit new locales and build memories together, we connect with each other on a personal level that transcends the workplace. Camaraderie and even lifelong friendships are the results.

Our travel program is one of our sharpest competitive advantages. See what other trips we go on this year by liking Vital Peak Marketing Group on Facebook.