The More Things You Learn, the More Places You Can Go

Most people think of on-the-job training as learning the skills needed to fulfill a certain role. In our Vital Peak Marketing Group HQ, we take a different approach. We believe that a well-rounded promotional expert is someone who has knowledge that extends beyond what they’re currently doing so that they’re on track to advance. Here are some of areas in which our people are developing personally and professionally, guided by our seasoned coaches:

• Public Speaking: “This is an area that no matter what field you’re in, if you know how to present with confidence, you have a leg up on anyone around you,” said Sarah, Vital Peak Marketing Group’s President. “We impart such knowhow as how to engage an audience and keep their attention, how to create messages that motivate others to act, and how to present oneself with natural poise.”

• Business Skills: “Our managerial training goes in-depth into key business areas such as sales and marketing, HR, recruitment, and back-end administrative efforts,” Sarah explained. “We start with the basics of our methodology and move forward as new skills are mastered.”

• How to Lead: “Without doubt, this is one of the top skills our people learn and it shows in how well they build their own teams as they progress with Vital Peak Marketing Group,” Sarah remarked. “Knowing that our managers started their careers here, we trust them to show our incoming team members the ropes and how to thrive with our program. It’s refreshing to see the behaviors we have taught them modeled each time a new crop of hires joins our firm.”

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