The month of April was exciting for Team Vital Peak Marketing Group. First, Jolie opened her own office in North LA! She’s been working towards this opportunity for over a year, and her hard work is definitely paying off.

Also, team members traveled to Newport for a quarterly leadership conference. This was a memorable event for everyone, but especially for those who recently advanced nto management. They spent the weekend networking, listening to keynote speakers, and getting tons of motivation while learning what it will take for them to get to the next levels in their Vital Peak Marketing Group careers.

If it sounds like we’ve had a lot of promotions lately, it’s because we have. In fact, helping our team members achieve their professional potential is one of our top priorities. For example, we teach people how to set goals as part of our training program because we know that clear objectives are requirements for purposeful and sustained achievement.

We also share success strategies, such as creating an achievement journal. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but at minimum we suggest team members write down the three most important things he or she accomplished each week. By the end of the year they’ll have an impressive list of achievements that will show how prepared they are for a promotion.

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