SAN DIEGO, CA – Sarah, President of Vital Peak Marketing Group, put Ivanna in the spotlight for her promotion to assistant manager. Sarah discussed her pride in Ivanna’s success, and how this opens the door for others to move forward with the firm.

Creating pathways to achievement is one of the top Vital Peak Marketing Group priorities, according to Sarah. When an applicant joins the team, they find a well-defined career path that guides him or her from entry-level to upper management. This was the case for Ivanna when she first joined the organization, and she has successfully made her way forward to the assistant manager position.

The entire Vital Peak Marketing Group team is excited to see all Ivanna’s hard work pay off, and shares the pride she feels in her achievements. She has taken all that Sarah has taught her to heart: Ivanna made continual learning a habit, learning how to lead with confidence while seeing and seizing opportunities for personal and professional growth. She consulted with her mentor on a regular basis, and put their advice into practice. Then, and perhaps most importantly, Ivanna made sure to help others succeed while she traveled her own path to accomplishment.

Thanks to the growth of great leaders like Ivanna, the entire firm is expanding. In fact, within the next two to three months, Ivanna will be in charge of her own office, increasing the size and scope of Vital Peak Marketing Group’s influence. This means several positions will be available at both offices for entry-level associates to join the team, and current associates will find more room for them to advance in their career journeys.

Responsibilities Ivanna Will Take on Running Her Own Vital Peak Marketing Group Office

Ivanna had a lot to learn before becoming an assistant manager, and her plate will be extremely full as she works to open an office of her own. It will be her responsibility to see that the new Vital Peak Marketing Group satellite HQ is fully staffed as quickly as possible, for instance, because there are several campaigns ready to launch as soon as Ivanna has trained associates who can run them.

It will be Ivanna’s duty to establish the parameters that measure success, while also guiding her new hires as they navigate the company’s comprehensive training system. These will be her first-generation coaches and mentors for the next hiring wave, so their education is critical. Based on their experiences and feedback, Ivanna will be able to focus her recruiting efforts more effectively as well.

It’s bittersweet for Sarah and the rest of Team Reign Management to see Ivanna branch out on her own, but they know that Ivanna has more than earned the right to lead a team of her own. The next few months will be very busy for her, but Ivanna’s ambition and training are sure to bring her success.

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