Team Vital Peak Marketing Group is a tight-knit, family-oriented organization, but we do enjoy our playful competitions as well. We’re big sports fans, so we always look forward to the end of the first quarter, because that means it’s time for one of our favorite in-office contests: March Madness!

Of course, it’s not the contest that matters as much as the benefits we get from being a fun office. Here are some Vital Peak Marketing Group advantages we experience because we know how to have a good time at work:

• Positive Environment: By creating fun memories at the office, we associate even more good feelings with our work than we do by simply succeeding on a professional level. This creates an almost palpable sense of positivity in our workplace.

• Tighter Bonds: During the course of our normal workweek routines, we often have our game faces on. When we’re in the middle of an office contest though, we get to see a more relaxed and personal side of our coworkers.

• Increased Motivation: Working with our friends is very motivating. When any of us hits a goal or overcomes a challenge, it’s a win for all of us.

The true spirit of competition is to be your best, and by doing so encourage others to be their best. It’s an attitude we embrace here, and we practice it in friendly ways that bring us closer together as a team. Like Vital Peak Marketing Group on Facebook to learn more about the benefits of fun office contests.