We’re the kind of team that enjoys a party any time of the year, but we’re especially excited about what we have planned for our annual end-of-year holiday celebration. Starting on December 1, we will start handing out raffle tickets until December 24 for those who hit their Vital Peak Marketing Group goals.

There will be five winners, with the grand Vital Peak Marketing Group prize being skydiving lessons! The holiday party usually brings in some other offices to join in on the fun and is always a big, exciting event. As an added bonus, this gives us the chance to build our professional networks with colleagues from a variety of different markets.

These celebrations are more than just a way to have a good time; we’re all about creating a supportive and empowering team environment where people feel appreciated. We work hard, so we make sure to play hard too, and once we’ve recharged our batteries, we’re ready to put even greater effort into our careers and help one another achieve our potentials.

Another benefit is that team events give us a chance to connect with our colleagues on a personal level, away from our roles and titles. This encourages open communication and collaboration in the office and helps us maintain our friendly and inviting company culture.

Our holiday party is sure to be a blast, and we can’t wait to see who gets to go skydiving. Find out for yourself by following Vital Peak Marketing Group on Twitter.