For Sarah, President of Vital Peak Marketing Group, success isn’t just measured in numbers. “It’s very important for me to foster a positive environment,” she said. “Our team is like a family, supportive of one another. I believe this has a lot to do with how well we do as a company and as individuals.”

According to Sarah, one of the strategies that really works for Team Vital Peak Marketing Group is weekly team nights. “We try to do something fun each week that gives us a chance to bond with one another,” she said. “One week we might have dinner together, another week we might take part in an on-the-town adventure. Whatever we do, as long as there’s plenty of laughter and everyone is enjoying themselves, our plan is working.”

In addition to team nights, we’re big on philanthropy as well. “We volunteer together and support important causes that are near and dear to our people’s hearts,” Sarah explained. “There’s a rush that comes from doing good and when we can experience it together, it helps us form stronger relationships because we relate to each other on a different level.”

“There’s a certain benefit to fostering personal connections amongst colleagues,” Sarah remarked. “When individuals are more comfortable together, it bolsters collaboration and innovation as ideas flow. They’re more likely to motivate and help each other as well. I see positive results each day from the investment we place in building a strong culture.”

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