Team Vital Peak Marketing Group is looking forward to their first major trip of the new year: a weekend conference in Dallas. A-listers from across the world will be there, sharing their knowledge about leadership, networking, entrepreneurship, and more. It won’t be all work though; we’ll also get an opportunity to relax, bond as a team, and even meet new potential mentors.

In fact, this last benefit – mentorship – has been one of our main topics of discussion during Vital Peak Marketing Group meetings. There are many advantages that stem from having an experienced guide to help us navigate our career journeys, which is why we assign coaches to our novice team members as soon as they join our team. Then, as they develop, they meet other experienced professionals who can help them achieve their goals.

What makes a mentor so important? One of their most valuable contributions is perspective. While the best coaches are emotionally invested in our success, they are still outside observers. This gives them a big-picture viewpoint which, combined with their experience, allows them to point out potential pitfalls as well as opportunities.

The Dallas trip is sure to exceed all our expectations when it comes to learning, growth, and mentorship. Follow Vital Peak Marketing Group on Instagram to see live content on the trip, and to learn more about the ways in which experienced guides help us on our career journeys.