The end of another successful year is upon us, and like everyone else our thoughts are turning to all that we have to be thankful for. What’s more, Vital Peak Marketing Group ramps up its philanthropy program in the fourth quarter, giving us a chance to look for even more ways to share our blessings during the holiday season.

The most important reason, of course, is the good that giving back gives us a chance to do. While we have more than enough food and resources to properly enjoy fall and winter festivals, this isn’t true for everyone – and the sting of having less is felt more keenly when others are roasting turkeys and decorating trees. By getting involved with food and toy drives, volunteering at soup kitchens, or spending time with patients at a local children’s hospital (all Vital Peak Marketing Group favorites), we can share some of the good will we feel at this time of year with others who might not have much of their own.

When we’re working together to support a worthy cause, it builds camaraderie in our office as well. We learn what social issues each of us are passionate about, and we see one another as fellow change makers, not just coworkers. Teamwork in the workplace becomes easier after a giveback event, and friendships are built this way as well.

Not only is now the time to be thankful, but it’s the perfect time of year to make a difference in the life of someone who might not be as joyous. Like Vital Peak Marketing Group on Facebook to see what causes we support in Q4.