The stories of successful people are common topics in the Vital Peak Marketing Group office. We are fascinated by people who have made their own fortunes. Recently, we came across insight into how Tai Lopez, an internet sensation and motivational speaker, went from rags to riches. Here are a few lessons we have picked up that will help anyone achieve success:

• Take Risks: Nearly every success story involves taking a leap of faith. Accomplishing your goals, whether personal or professional, often means taking some risks. Be ready to bet on the aspirations about which you really care.

• Start From Your Goals: Consider the goals you want to achieve, and then work backward. Visualizing success is a great way to find a clear path from where you are now to where you want to be. We are always thinking strategically with our goal setting at Vital Peak Marketing Group.

• Test and Optimize: Follow an iterative approach to any undertaking. Rather than attempting to have the right strategy from the start, try something, evaluate it, then hone your practices. This methodology will enable you to be successful in almost any undertaking.

• Brand Around Your Strengths: People and businesses can gain a lot from strong brands. Identify the things you are best at and build your personal or company brand around them. Provided you are authentic, branding will draw others to you.

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