As the season changes, we’re excited to offer rewarding new careers paths with Vital Peak Marketing Group. Our ongoing growth means we need another infusion of top-flight talent. It’s a great time to come on board, with the busy holiday season right around the corner. Sarah Theimer, our firm’s Owner, explained that our mentorship and immersive training make us a prime landing spot for growth-minded people.

Those who join our team receive one-to-one guidance from our most seasoned brand managers. There’s no substitute for learning directly from those who have risen through our ranks. Plus, you don’t have to waste time with outdated manuals or videos. We take pride in the fact that we give new hires focused coaching from day one.

We also offer the rare combination of clear advancement policies and leaders who know how to share successful visions. Everyone on Team Vital Peak Marketing Group understands what they need to do in order to reach their next career level. Having leaders who know how to share clear expectations certainly helps. All in all, we provide the ideal atmosphere for people to improve every day and set lofty personal goals. It’s a supportive culture that welcomes great ideas from all comers.

We’re ready to meet with driven people who want to make their mark on our industry. Follow Vital Peak Marketing Group on LinkedIn for more on our hiring efforts.