Growth is always a Vital Peak Marketing Group goal, both for the firm and for our team members. In fact, the two go hand-in -hand: as our company expands, chances to advance increase, which encourages associates to grow.

This focus on all-around growth has many positive benefits. For instance, because people know that their careers will thrive in relation to the company’s well-being, we are more engaged with our work. Retention is also high at Vital Peak Marketing Group HQ because of the way we’re encouraged to reach our personal and professional potential. Why leave an environment that is tailored specifically to help us reach our goals?

The foundation of our growth-oriented ethos is our comprehensive training system. We take an immersive approach to learning, putting our new team members into ongoing projects so that they gain hands-on knowledge of our processes and procedures. In this way, they also gain instruction and perspective from a variety of team leaders and project managers.

We also assign novice brand ambassadors to their own coaches. This one-to-one guidance is invaluable as people become comfortable being a part of our organization, and it speeds up the process by which team members acclimate to our methodology.

We encourage our people to think like business owners and nurture those who want to grow with our company. Learn more about our development approach by liking Vital Peak Marketing Group on Facebook.