Once our team members reach a certain level in their careers, we invite them to join Vital Peak Marketing Group’s Management Training Program. This is a course focused on helping people learn leadership skills that will prepare them for the chance to run their own offices.

“We offer more than a typical job; from day one, we give our people the chance to build long-term success,” declared the President of Vital Peak Marketing Group, Sarah. “Each new hire begins as a marketing assistant, where they learn our methods. They then move to campaign management, which is focused on skills like how to conduct an interview.”

From there, men and women are promoted to assistant manager. The ins and outs of running a business, including all HR procedures, along with decision making, business strategy, and managing teams are the focal points of this role. After this comes executive management and the chance to expand into a new market.

“There are so many benefits to our thorough curriculum that it’s hard for me to believe not all companies work this way,” Sarah explained. “Our people have higher levels of job satisfaction because they feel confident in their abilities to meet and exceed expectations. This leads to higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and retention. The atmosphere in our office is one of anticipation, because we all know we’re on the right track to reach our career goals.”

Training and development form the foundation of our success. Find out more about our learning culture by following Vital Peak Marketing Group on Twitter.