Vital Peak Marketing’s intrepid travel team is at it again, this time heading to a secret location in September. On this trip, four high achievers will be able to have networking opportunities while also listening to keynote speakers share their expertise in our field. Attendees will also learn tips and tricks from peers who operate in other markets.

Company retreats seem to be a growing trend in the business world, though at Vital Peak Marketing, trips have been an integral part of our operations since day one. Here are some of the top reasons we value travel:

• Camaraderie: Creating a team-oriented office atmosphere is one of our top priorities, so any chance we get to bond together is welcome. Trips provide a unique chance for us to get to know one another away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routines.

• Relaxation: Speaking of busy routines, weekend conferences are a welcome respite from our normal work week. Even though our trips are jam-packed with activities and speakers, it’s still a refreshing change of pace, and we always return feeling rested and ready to go.

• See New Places: We do our best to set time aside for the sights (and tastes!) of each area we visit. Interestingly enough, by seeing and trying new things together, we learn more about each other.

Our secret September assembly is sure to be a career boost for the four team members who attend. Find out where we’re going by liking Vital Peak Marketing on Facebook.